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08 December 2007 @ 02:30 pm
Archive Listing [All/General]  

The disclaimer for all fanfiction stories s that we do not own them.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Title: Carpe Diem (1 of 7)
Chapter Title: Enter the Storm
Pairings: some 8059 and Guardians27, pairings may change.
Rating: PG-13, rating may change.
Warnings: Spoilers for TYL arc, OOC'ness, confusion, and very, very slight-omg-blink-and miss-it biblical references.
Summary: They rise from the ashes and start again. { 1, 2, 3 }
Comments: well, i wanted to try my hand at gokudera and yamamoto, but it turned into a project with all seven of the guardians. so i guess i'll see how it goes from here, even if i don't think i've gotten their characters down pat. also, after this chapter, there'll be six more to go, so keep an eye out for that. XD

Title - Closure
Author - chinesetakeout
Pairing - 10051
Summary - After the final battle, Shoichi confronts Byakuran in a Vindice interrogation cell.
Rating - PG
Warnings - TYL spoilers/slight AU.
Disclaimer - Not mine.

The guard said he had 15 minutes, but it already feels like its been forever.



Title: Tease
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Reita won't share his candy, tries to make a deal with Kai, and it goes downhill from there.
( “Only girls have cooties! I’m a boy.” )

Title: Distractions
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kai appears with a mallet, and Reita isn't to sure what to do.
( xoxo. )

Title: Words to Convey
Rating: PG
Pairings: Reita/Kai, Miyavi/Maya [LM.C]
Summary: Kai goes to Miyavi, asking him to teach him a simple sentence in English so that he can teach it to Reita.
Part 1 > Part II

Title: A Cliché Storyline
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Smut, PWP
Summary: The only place that could rival their feelings on the stage was in their bedroom, the one with a giant mahogany bed, covered with dark, silk sheets that had been bought upon Kai’s suggestion.
( It's the same old storyline. )

Title: Traits of a Human
Rating: PG13
Summary: Kai pressed a possessive hand against the side of his face, changing the angle of their bodies just so, allowing their lips to touch, to let them both feel a little more alive, a little bit more in what could very well be love.
( Bodies, faces, smiles, and laughter -- they were all traits, parts of a person that equaled to a human. )


Title: Idealistic
Warnings: Non-explicit sex
Rating: R
Summary: Differences aren't as terrible as they seem to be.
( One finger. Two fingers. A scream. )

Title: Remember to Breathe
Prompt: happiness @ domenoworlater
Summary: Lazily, Uruha opened his eyes, his vision blurred as he readjusted to the light. He loved Aoi like this, when they were alone, shielded from the world. Aoi was his best friend, his boyfriend, a world in his own. A world he wanted Uruha to join, a world Uruha now claimed as his own.
Rating: PG13
( The small confession had won over Aoi’s usually indecisive heart. )

Title: Quietus
Summary: “What do you think it feels like to die?” Aoi whispered to Uruha, tracing Uruha’s cold lips with his pointer finger, his breath clearly visible in the darkness of the morning.
Rating: PG13
Quietus: n. death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life.
( I bet it feels like coming home. )

e-Series - Aoi/Uruha
-already in order!-

Title: e-Love
Summary: Uruha reread his lines carefully, none of them at all planned but somehow managing to fall into place, as though that was how they were simply meant to be.
Rating: PG13
( Aoi, )

Title: e-Kiss
Summary: He had the tools and the means to reply, yet for the life of him, Aoi couldn’t think of a proper response. What could he say to an old lovers words?
Rating: PG13
( Aoi reasoned if he couldn't have more, he'd settle for less. )


Title: Heart-linked
Rating: PG
Summary: A few words can say more than hundreds of sentences.
( It was accidentally on purpose. )

Title: Ghost of a Good Thing
Summary: Reita knew swearing to someone to love them for all eternity didn’t involve loving someone else along the way. But, somehow, as much as Reita had tried to prevent it, this was his very own predicament, as unintentional as it was.
Rating: PG13
( You're crying, was all he said by way of explanation. )


Title: Bend and Not Break
Summary: It wasn’t raining but the chill outside indicated it would; the scent of rain was prominent. Under all circumstances, it was a scent Uruha adored, loved even. It was the scent of all his favorite people – his mother, his father, his sisters, and all the people he’d fallen in love with before. If there was one similar characteristic between all of them, it was their scent of rain.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None.
( In this world full of people, Uruha found himself inexplicably alone. )

alice nine.

Title: The Secrets in the Telling
Pairing: Saga/Shou
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Suggestiveness
Summary: Something is really bugging Shou, and Saga knows what it is.
( I'm here with you under your downpour. )

Antic Cafe
Title: Tainted Ballerina.
Pairing: Bou/Kanon
Summary: Bou stood up and stretched, ribs visible as his back arched, his fingertips touching, the cigarette between his lips. He reminded Kanon of a ballerina, a tainted one at that.
Rating: PG13
( It was as though he hadn't a care in the world. )


Title: Photography
Rating: Pg-15/ish
Pairing: Maya/Miyavi
Summary: Miyavi's camera runs out of batteries in the early morning.
( “Mayataan, I think the camera broke!” )

Title: Just Friends.
Pairing: Kai/Nao [Kagrra,], Kai/Aoi
Summary: Kai wanted to torment Aoi because, the realism was, Kai would never leave his current love for Aoi.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
( I could've been just as happy with you. )

Nameless Pairings

Title: All for a Smile
Pairing: Indirect/no names given
Summary: Our thin sweaters aren’t doing anything to protect us, but you insisted we step outside. Just for a moment, you pleaded, knowing I wouldn’t deny you, knowing I couldn’t deny you.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None.

( You're beautiful and positively lovable; I'm a moth next to a butterfly. )


The j10_ways challenge.
Set A: Miyavi/Maya
Set B: Reita/Kai
Rules/Requirements: To take the selected pairings and use the themes given.
Status: In progress
Completed: 14/20

The challenge.
Character: Hiroto
Rules/Requirements: To take a selected character and pair them with someone different in each fiction using the themes given.
Status: In progress
Completed: 5/10

The 4seasons_fics challenge.
Band: Gazette
Rules/Requirements: Take any pairing from the stated band and use them in the themes given under a specific season.
Season: Summer
Status: Finished
Completed: 10/10

The challenge.
Pairing: Reita/Kai
Rules/Requirements: Use the thirty emotions given to create a fiction.
Status: In progress
Completed: 5/30

The challenge.
List of prompts, colors, lyrics, emotions, and phrases.
Pairing: Saga/Hiroto
Challenge Set: #4 [4 emotions][4 colors][2 prompts]
Rules/Requirements: By picking a number at random a pairing is given to you depending on the number. Then, using them, you are to use the the challenge set selected.
Status: In progress
Completed: 4/10

The challenge.
Pairing(s): Various/Multiple
Rules/Requirements: All stories must take place at night and in Tokyo's cities and wards.
Status: Finished
Completed: 15/15

The challenge.
a. Kai/Reita
b. Aoi/Uruha
Rules/Requirements: Finish the ten prompts given. (Allowed to do more if desired.)
Status: In progress
Completed: 8/20

The domenoworlater challenge.
Pairing: Aoi/Uruha
Rules/Requirements: Finish the 30 prompts given using the claimed people/pairing.
Status: In progress
Completed: 14/30

The challenge.
Pairing: Tora/Hiroto
Rules/Requirements: Finish all fifty under chosen pairing.
Status: In progress
Completed: 2/50

total amount: 195
written so far: 77
left to go: 118
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speak no evil: cynical
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