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If this is ever meant to end, then I hope it ends where it began,

so hot with love it burns our hands.

Kyuuvie*Paifish ~
15 October 1991

voir, c'est croire
Chinesetakeout originated from a past user, the other half to this account. ♥ Currently run by two people, chinesetakeout, though not always very active, is certainly loved. Who doesn't love a teriyaki bowl or steamed rice?(: Though, no, neither speak French fluently, one is in the process of oh-so-slowly learning.

dim sum
About chinesetakeout: A journal mostly used by one more than the other. It is a fanfiction journal, a vast majority of it featuring The Gazette. Most is Reita+Kai & Aoi+Uruha It's not too exciting but feel free to browse the tags and discover what else lies in ruins.

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I own Reita's heart & Ruki's lips at gaze_claim!